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Potential explanation

Hi all - wanted to add my two cents.

Originally Posted by tarugo View Post
Hi there,

I'm new in kindle/conversion world.. so... please !

And english is not my natural language, please try to be patience!

Well, i'm trying to convert a .cbz manga (one piece, in fact) for my Kindle 2 (6") .. the conversion goas Ok, but i had a problem with the size of the pages...

Is to small, and i dont know why?! i try a fill things to change this.. but any success... the strange thing is... the COVER page is really OK! The size and everything.. but the rest is too small, i cant barely read...

Some pics to show what i try to explain: (The Cover one) (Normal Page)

PS. It's a portuguese, by the way.
I've been exploring a similar issue in this thread:

I believe the Calibre is not at fault here - it's a combination of the K2's image size limits and and the MOBI format. I see similarly small-sized page panels when I convert a CBZ to a MOBI using Calibre, with the full size covers as well.

BUT, as the K2's allowed display size for MOBI images seems to be 520px x 622px (see here),it seems that the K2 is just scaling the images to that size to display them. If you use the K2's joystick to select the image and zoom it, it will display full-screen, and looks great.

I suspect that Calibre is doing everything it should, and that the K2's software is responsible for the less-than-fullscreen images.

To try and remedy this, I've been exploring how to get CBZs to look as good as the zoomed images in MOBI files as PDFs, since PDF images will display full screen. The problem is that they look awful compared to the images that can be packed into a MOBI using Calibre. The Kindle seems to be at fault here as well - Calibre or Acrobat can make PDFs that have high-quality images in them, but the Kindle 2 mangles them when it displays them (jaggy, full of artifacts), even though they look perfect on a computer or any other PDF-enabled device (I tested on a Nexus One).

Maybe the upcoming Kindle software version 2.5 will remedy these woes?

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