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Thanks so much for this forum!! I am looking for an e-reader. I had a Dell Axim x51 for a few years but it started to die, so I went to a Nokia E62. It was hard to read, but I could read via Mobi books. It was good for awhile too, but I needed a better phone. So I got a new phone and a Zune HD thinking they'd have an e-book reading app of some type, but only had audio books. Not good for me as I love reading. So I just sold my Zune and am looking for the "best" e-reader. How confusing!!! I'd like email capability, but I like listening to music as well, so I was thinking Nook, but all the stuff I've read recently makes me wonder if it's the "best" or not? Kindle was my other "want" list item, but I was under the impression you "have" to buy books on Amazon. Is this true? Anyway, I'm muddling along, looking, reading and trying to figure this all out. Thanks again!!
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