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Question Sony Reader or ...?

I just ordered a Sony PRS500 a couple of days ago (an order I can still cancel till monday), and am having some doubts.

I have a laptop, PSP, PDA and mobile phone where I can read pretty much anything I want on. However, I'm getting an eink reader because of the endlessly-annoying glare from backlit screens, and the limited battery life that comes with them. Put simply, I just want a reader for fiction/non-fiction stories/novels/etc. rather than manuals or other layout/image-intensive texts. To take with me on the 8-hour+ plane flights, long layovers, evenings in whatever hotel/hostel/garage/shack/tent/hammock I'm staying at, etc. And I don't want to have to lug (another) charger with me if I'm only going for a week. I'm already loaded up with camera equipment, laptop and an endless load of various peripherals, gadgets, etc. and their accompanying wiring, adapters and whatnot.

The single main reason for me picking the PRS500 is simply because I already have MemoryStick cards because of my phone & PSP. Out of curiosity, does it use MS Duo, MS, MS Pro or MS Pro Duo (I'm assuming it doesn't use M2)? What about magicgate/non-magicgate cards (does it take both)? And is there a maximum card size that will work with it? I'm asking because I've already experienced some problems with a 2GB card in my SE k800i, so figured I might as well use that one with an adapter for the PRS and put the 1GB back in the phone.

Beyond the memory card issue, one of my main concerns is the fact that, as a product not available in Europe, the PRS500 is probably not covered by the warranty over here. Anyone can confirm/deny this? If so, if something happens I'd probably have to ship it back to the US right? Because of this possibility, I've had a look around for the other options, and as far as I've been able to see the only one readily sold here is the iLiad. However, it seems to be rather big (for my tastes) plus the price-tag is rather unjustified for the use I'll be making of it.

As far as the HanLin's go, I'm kinda wary about getting chinese-brand products in general (after some bad experiences in the past). The nerfing of supported file formats for the v3 (compared to the v2) just... well... kinda ruins the point of getting that one. The touchscreen of the v2t seems kind of interesting, although I haven't been able to find what functionality that comes with. Is it just a fancy cursor? And is the higher price (compared to the PRS) worth it? Also, would the Hanlin's be covered by the warranty in Europe?

I'm not even going to mention the Amazon Kimble (my sense of design and my tastes tell me to smash it with a sledge-hammer for it's cornea-damaging ugliness).

Finally, I saw somewhere (I think it might've been the comparison table in this forum somewhere) that an SDK was planned or would be released for the PRS. Does anyone know anything more about this? Would this allow for the support of more file formats natively? Or the addition of further functionality in the future?

That's pretty much it. If there's anything else I should take into consideration, feel free to tell me. What all of the above comes down to is trying to make a choice on whether I should stick with the PRS500 or make a last-minute change to one of the other available options.

Or perhaps I should just wait for the CyBook?

Oh, and a few last points which, although might seem irrelevant, are far from it: I'm left-handed, and am not graced with either particularly nimble fingers or small hands. And yes, I'd like to be able to use any reader one-handed. So anyone left-handed with big, unwieldy hands/fingers, what's your choice?
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