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PDF /MOBI max image size on Kindle 2

Hello all -

I've searched around a bunch, and apologies if I've missed the answer, but I'm trying to figure out the maximum image size that the Kindle 2 will display inline in a PDF without having to resize or resample them. Here's a little background:

I have a few graphic novels that I'm trying to convert to read on the Kindle 2, but being a perfectionist I want to get the biggest and clearest images possible. I have them as numbered JPG's right now. So far I have:
  1. Created a .CBZ; the images fill the screen and look great, but navigation stinks and after a while the Kindle chokes on the images and crashes.
  2. Created a .MOBI from the files using Calibre; it looks fantastic and I can click to zoom (the zoomed images fill the screen completely and look great), but the inline images are small (~80% of reading area) and having to zoom on each image is a pain.
  3. Created a .PDF using Acrobat Pro; navigation is great, images fill the screen, but the images look mushy and cruddy compared to the MOBI or CBZ.

So, given the above, for these graphic novels, PDF seems to be the best choice to balance image size and navigation ability (can skip to location/page), IF and only if I can get the images to not look like crud. So, while I know the screen resolution is 800 x 600, but with the status bars at the bottom and the top, the viewing area for images in PDFs must be smaller. I figure if I can resize the images to be the correct dimensions, the images will look nice and crisp and the PDF graphic novels will be readable.

This is assuming that the images in the PDF look awful because they're being resized on the fly, and the Kindle is making them all artifact-y as it resizes the JPG's.

Also, if there is some trick to getting inline images to look bigger when embedded in a MOBI file, please let me know. I've trimmed the borders from the images - the format or Kindle seems to make them smaller than the full viewing area (which is what pushed me towards converting to PDF, as the images seem to be able to take up more of the viewing area).

Any help would be appreciated!
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