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Kindle in Target

Hi. This is my first visit to this forum. I'm considering a purchase of an e-reader for my wife who goes through at least two books a week.

A few days ago I tested a Nook in my nearby Barnes and Noble. A knowledgable store associate provided helpful information and a hands-on demo. The nook is noted for its slowness, but otherwise has very nice features. So I looked forward to a hands-on demo of the Kindle in my nearby Target after I read that the Kindle would soon be available in Target stores.

Lo and behold, yesterday I was at a Target and they had a Kindle display. I was disappointed to see that the display model was a non-functioning unit that had a repeating 5 screen display of some of its features. So the only value of the Kindle display in the store was to be able to see it in person, pick it up and test out its ergonomics. It could not be test driven. And they did not display or stock the dx which is likely the unit I would prefer. I'm sure they have their reasons, but it would be really helpful if Target/Kindle would have a functional unit available for people to try out. They do for their $200 cameras and their $1,000 TVs. Why not for the Kindle?

Given the 6% state sales tax, I have no reason to purchase the Kindle at a Target when it can be purchased at Amazon without the sales tax and with the 30-day trial/return option.

However, those who prefer to buy at a bricks and mortor store are more likely to buy the Nook at Barnes and Noble not only because of the ability to really test it out there, but also the readily accessible knowledge of the staff and the feeling of support that provides.

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