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Originally Posted by orwell2k View Post
I use the wrist turn feature only occaisionally - when I can be sure the reader is held in a stable horizontal (me sitting) or vertical (me lying) position that prevents unintentional page turns (if I lie on my side, as I often do before sleeping, the position of the reader is not good for using the wrist turns).

But my question is this: after using the wrist turns only for some time, the program seems to 'go to sleep' - by that I mean it stops responding to wrist actions and I have to do a button push page turn to get it to 'wake up' - anyone else encounter this?
I've only been using this great version of FBReader for a few days and I love it. I initially installed it for the wrist page turn feature, but find that I can't get it to work properly. I use is mainly while lying down in bed and I find that it stops working fairly quickly. I do love the other features though, especially the single step font change for zooming.
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