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I print an awful lot of information at work. We go through many reams of paper each week and seem to go through toner at an alarming rate. There really is no alternative to this as draft reports must be printed for senior management to read. As yet we have not got our senior management to the point of the paperless office. At home and for study, I much prefer to use my Kindle or Ipad for reading and to avoid the overuse of printing. I have a beautiful A3 colour printer that is rarely used. When I need photogrpahs printed, I generally send them off to a trusted pro lab to be done and have been seriously considerign disposing of the A3 printer.
Williams is speaking fromt he position of a manufacturer whose livelihood is on the line if we continue to move away from traditional printed material and can therefore be largely discounted inhis views. Even if his company was using sustainable processes, there is still a huge toxic footprint on our planet formt he paper manufacturing process as well as th eprocess for producing inks and toners. Many years ago, my partner worked as a maintance fitter in a plane manufacturing pigments for inks, paints and dyes. Still today, 20 years after he ceased workign for htis company, he continues to presnet on an anula basis for testing to ensure that he has not developed bladder cancer from the toxic chemicals used in the production of these substances. Thew company he worked for was resposnible and insisted on full protective gear and have comitted to life time monitoring of former employees. Another company near by were less so and their workers handled this chemical in ordianry clothing and no protective gear. This is in a conutry with strong work safety legislation. What is the fate of third world workers who now take on the manufacturing tasks for these chemicals. The THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT message must be promoted and ahered to as far as possible.
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