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Sony Customer Service or Not

This may turn in to a bit of a rant - so apologies in advance. I have been having problems with my Sony PRS600, the on/off switch is erratic, not a big deal, but the battery life is pathetic at less than 200 page turns. I posted about this earlier on these forums, and received support and advice. After considering what was happening I was not confident the problem was just the battery. So in the end I contacted Sony.
This was not a happy event. I was left almost speechless when I was told I needed to provide proof of purchase, or it would not be considered a warranty repair. I can accept that if there was a question over whether or not it was still within the warrant period, but that is not a consideration here. It seems as if Sony are using any and all means to wriggle out of their obligations to supply a product which is reliable. A number of people have approached me when I have been seen using my reader, and I have recommended the Sony to them. I know several colleagues have purchased Sony Readers on the strength of that. This experience will certainly make me think again about the advice I offer in the future.
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