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Great amazon replacement service from Mexico !!!

I live in Mexico city, and here, we are used to the abuse of tech support and the lack of warranty on everything. Down here the companies do their best to not refund a single "peso", it means, once you bought something and it fails... you are on your own.

Dealing with the Amazon tech support was a really nice surprise, first, they gave me a tool free number to call from Mexico city.

I told the Amazon guy that my kindle stopped charging about 5 days ago and i already tried plugging it to different usb ports, tried with another charger and it still don't work.

The tech support guy guide me thru some quick diagnostics and less than 2 minutes after making the call he was sending a replacement kindle for me.

WOW !!!

Im really speechless about the quality of service, the trust in their customers, the speedy and nice service, and the fact that even when im outside the USA it will not cost me a single "peso" to get a replacement even the custom charges are covered by amazon... AMAZING !!

Maybe for you guys in the USA this is "business as usual", but not here, this is top notch customer service for a international customer.

The support representative told me that i can expect my replacement kindle in 2 days..

Thank you Amazon, I will continue to make business with you !
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