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Image & Character Styles

Hi, I stumbled across Atlantis after using eScape for the longest. and let me first say your wysiwyg 'save as epub' feature is fantastic. Now Here is my problem; Atlantis Word Processor doesn't seem to support image or character styles like Open Office Writer (which is what I use), or Microsoft Word. I have attached both the writer and word documents and the epub they each produced. I had to zip the odt file

While the produced epub matches exactly the layout of the documents, that is the problem. Am I right in concluding that Atlantis does not handle image & character styles like word and writer? If so, are there any plans to address this?

If not, as great as the 'save to epub' feature is, I cannot see spending money for a word processor that doesn't do what both, a free program, and a program that comes packaged with almost every windows pc does.

On Liberty - John Stuart Mill.doc

On Liberty - John Stuart Mill-doc.epub

On Liberty - John Stuart Mill-odt.epub

On Liberty - John Stuart
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