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[Old thread] ePub output margins - settings unresponsive, issue on iPad/iBook

I have a question about margins.

I've converted a few HTML and LIT books with the lastest (0.6.49) and prior version (0.6.48) of Calibre. The output ePub appears to have a sizable margin added to the ePub output.

Under the Convert Settings -> Page Setup -> Margins, I have the four edges all set to 0.0 pt. But the book output still has sizable margins.

On a device like the iPad, the iBook app always adds a large margin around the text. Now I have two thick margins.

Am I missing something? Does the margin specification do nothing here? I've tried increasing the margins in the settings, at it seems to have no effect on how the ePub is rendered on the PC in the Ebook Viewer.

On my iPad, however, all my Calibre converted books have huge margin buffers to the screen edge, while all other books do not. Help? I must be missing something obvious.

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