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Smile "The Half Broken Crown" on Kindle - A Fantasy Novel

Hi All

I've just found this site and it looks like a fantastic place for fans of ebooks so I thought I join and share some information on my own works (and to take part in lots of other discussions!). I am excited to share my latest fantasy novel, The Half Broken Crown with the world at the great price of $1.99 - here's the official blurb if you're interested:

The Dwarf Wars may be over, but the world is still bathed in flame. The old kingdom is fading, breaking apart under its own weight. All across the land once loyal territories are declaring their independence, setting up their own monarchs, and raising armies. But the old magic does not die easily and forces beyond common understanding are on the move. The world is breaking. The crown lies shattered. Heroes will rise.
To give you a bit of background on me, I actually started my career as an independent author several years ago and I even managed to secure a reasonable amount of success until a change in my personal circumstances forced me to retire. But since then I've started writing again and would love to start getting feedback. I'm hoping to turn this book into the first in a series, but as it stands it works perfectly well as a standalone volume - if you're a fan of Tolkien, Robert Jordan or Terry Brooks you may very well enjoy this. If you're interested check out The Half Broken Crown here

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