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pdf to topaz to take notes

Originally Posted by koland View Post
I suspect the "formatGood" books you've seen were topaz (as that's the only one to use any font other the built-in ones). The only way to create those is to print the PDF and have Amazon convert it (costs about $195, from what I've gathered).

Otherwise, try something like an PDF to Word or HTML converter (mobipocket does a decent job of html, but can't deal with tables); from Word, convert to HTML and then edit in a good HTML editor to fix your tables and such (but you'll still only get default fonts, so don't bother setting them in the HTML), the convert to mobi.

Or, just put the PDF on the Kindle and view it sideways - on the DX, this is almost 100% size and works pretty well.
If the "FormatGood" is topaz, then I wouldn't mind converting to topaz. Problem is: the only discussions about topaz conversion I can find are about cracking topaz's DRM and then convert to something else. Is there any tool available to create topaz files then?

I do know that you can view PDFs on the Kindle and that you can turn it to increase the zoom, but that's not what I'm looking for. My main concern are mathematical formulas rather than tables. And what would be nice is the possibility to take notes!
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