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I want my manuscripts to be read on mobilephones and PC. How?

Hi again out there. I posted something like this on another part of the forum, but maybe it was not the correct plase. (I am new to this forum)
I am not completely green as a writer, but this ebook thing is new to me, and I need some adwice.
I can use Microsoft word and photoshop.
Is this enough tools to make a decent ebook?
If Not. Are there some tools out there that are easy to use for a beginner, on which decent work can be done?
But most important of all: I want the work to be easely read om both mobilephones and PC. How do I do that?
( I Have made one try to make an ebook, but I just made some PDF files from
my word pages, and it did not work out so well)
Is there any free downloads to try out there that is decent?

Best regards
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