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Graphics dropping ePUB to mobi conversion

Perplexing problem... I have an ePUB file that for some unknown reason seems to drop about 5% of the graphics when it's converted to .mobi through Calibre. I have viewed the XHTML in the input, parsed and processed directories -- and the graphics that are dropped in the final .mobi file look just fine. So, it looks like it is something in the output plugin.

HELP! ;-) I'm trying to get my book into the Kindle store.


Mac InDesign CS4 6.0.4, exported for digital editions -- all looks great in ePUB format, including Adobe Digital Editions and Sony Reader. Use Calibre to convert from ePUB to .mobi -- conversion completes. Manually transfer .mobi file to "My Kindle Content" folder on my Mac. Open file in "Kindle for Mac" -- "some" of the graphics do not show up, almost ALL of them do. I'd say it's about 5% of the total that do not.

Also -- used Calibre to convert to RTF, and for the graphics "not" being converted to mobi, RTF shows the following message (one for each of the unconverted graphics): SPECIAL_IMAGE-GRAPHIC1_fmt.jpeg-REPLACE_ME

I can't find anything anywhere to help me understand this message...

Have gone back to PhotoShop and performed "Save As" for the unconverted graphics, relinked them in InDesign, and then went through the whole process once again -- no difference.

Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.

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