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Originally Posted by Gertjan View Post
The platform has a hybrid display update mechanism. It automatically tries to determine required updates from GTK+ expose events (see display.c of sysd), and it provides a way to control them via an API in liberutils. Working around these will probably result in various side effects.
Aha! Thanks for pointing me at liberutils. Using that to do the explicit requests when I'm doing things GTK+ can't seem to figure out = problem solved

Originally Posted by Gertjan View Post
Are you using the original 1.0x or 2.0-beta release?

In the 1.0 release, the dialog is removed as soon as a full screen window is opened, or after 30 seconds. You could try to work around this by opening a window first and show the file chooser dialog on top of it. I don't have the details at hand, but I believe this is reworked in the 2.0 release so that the dialog is removed as soon as the application has started.
I worked around this by running the program in the background from a shell script. Trying to open a full screen window first didn't seem to help, but I'm still poking around ...
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