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Hi everybody and thank you all for your kind welcome to this forum by people from around the world.

I haven't yet got a shortlist yet, in fact I haven't even got to a stage where I understand all the properties of the various devices and the idea of many different systems from which to choose I find positively terrifying! But with the aid of those on here I have no doubt that I shall eventually arrive at a decision although it may not be for quite some time (the arrival of a new grand-son a couple of weeks ago is causing the usual turmoil in the family that these events always cause).

I don't know where in the world most of you are but London of course I know and I have visited Northern Virginia, spending a delightful three weeks tramping around your battlefields. Japan is about as far away from me as it is possible to get and it is unlikely that I shall ever visit your country.

Thank you again for all your responses.

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