Thread: Firmware Update Help! When will Amazon update Kindle?
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They more or less promised a firmware upgrade to provide folders/categories sometime in the next few months. You will be able to take advantage of this even if you buy a Kindle now. I actually think that the Target deal augurs well for a new Kindle announcement before Christmas. I would expect Amazon to take advantage of this new distribution channel to make several price adjustments (downwards of course :-)) to create some pricing headroom before they make any announcement in advance of the Christmas season. Given the plethora of e-reader announcements made at CES 2010, I would also expect Amazon to want to judge market response to these announcements (and also let us also not forget the iPad :-)) before they make any further product moves. I would not expect any new device to offer color (E-ink is still not quite ready for prime time -- at least I don't think so not for this Christmas). On the other hand multi-touch is a definite possibility (probability?), And would be quite desirable. There now! I've given the rumor mill a quite proper stoking up :-).
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