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I was also reading there were epub macros for MS Word...but i can't find them.

Lastly, suggestion was to write your ebook in Word and save as an HTML file, then convert it to epub using Calibre.

Question, will that then create the TOC? I know if using the above listed Atlantis program, they say to format the Chapter Headings using Heading 1, 2, 3 etc... but would I still do the same... In Word write the thing, Label Chapters using Heading 1,2,3, then save the thing when done as HTML, and Calibre will turn out a TOC based on that ?


PS------ if the book will have diagrams/photos, is my only option in that case to create a PDF ?

Thanks again. I can find out why my Twitter won't post (shows up in my Home page, but does not post to the recipient, does not show up in a from:username search or to:recipient Ahhh.....
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