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Creators Who Break Free From Market Direction

As a salute to out of the box thinkers and the music, film and literature indie scenes, I wrote an article called Creators Who Break Free From Market Direction.

The reason why I mention Market Direction instead of using an expression like "Out Of The Box Thinkers" is because, as a writer, I have heard "That doesn't fit in with the direction the market has taken" more than once. Now, I don't make many pitches and took a break from Querying over the last year, but fellow authors are hearing this more and more, then they tend to tell me about it.

I thought it was time to mention a few exceptions to the rule, since so many people seem to be talking about where the market is headed. Being a part of the Ebook scene, I see publishers on one side, vendors on another and indies stuck in between. The readers are often left to wander around and graze while all this is going on since the market is getting more and more confusing to early adopters of eBooks. That is, until someone decides to ignore the debate and just read, the wiser choice as far as I'm concerned for most readers.

So, I invite you to read the article and comment here or on the blog. Who do you think the modern trend breakers are? Do you have a favorite Indie artist (writer, director, musician, etc...), who has guided you outside of the box?

Here's the link:
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