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Some DR800 dev questions

I'm building a PDF viewer tailored towards technical documents (good support for rearranging multicolumn docs, etc). It's in poppler + gtk.

I'm having some platformy issues:

1) When I just draw the pages directly, it doesn't trigger the DR800's GTK+ to do a full refresh. So, I added an explicit gdk_display_sync and ioctl to make it to the full refresh ... and now it does it twice! At present I'm stumped as per why.
2) The "please wait" dialog isn't disappearing properly. The first thing I do is pop up a file chooser dialog, but when I do that the "please wait" dialog continues to float on top of it indefinitely ... perhaps this is just a bug in the GTK file chooser dialog (not updating properly) ... is it possible to explicitly hide it?

Thanks for any help!

(PS: Should this go in the iLiad Developer's Corner? Not actually an iLiad ... )
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