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Technical books on Amazon and conversion from PDF

By trying several samples of technical books (mostly math and physics) from Amazon, I've noticed that some would display in the Kindle's standard font, had low resolution figures and formulas (often quite terrible, let's call this "FormatOk"), whereas some would show with (probably) the original font and equations looked rather nice and I could change font size (let's call this "FormatGood")!

I have a large amount of technical PDF articles and books that I read on my Kindle DX (and that works ok), but it would be even nicer if one could convert these PDFs in the good quality "FormatGood": text reflowing, font resizing, notes possible, etc. When I've tried Amazon's PDF conversion service, what I got was terrible ("FormatBad") and calibre didn't do any better as far as I could try.

Then does anybody know of a way to convert PDFs to "FormatGood"?
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