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This very morning Stupid received another email from Sony Support. It has been seven days since he or she made his or her request for resolution of this problem. The excerpt from the email, below, which is not unlike the others, invites Stupid to have a telephone conversation with "live support technicians", which suggests Stupid had been previously corresponding with the dead ones thus accounting for the torpidity of their response.
Discussion Thread
Response (Jane) - 08/14/2007 12:40 PM

Thank you for contacting Sony Connect!

The issue you describe will require more extensive troubleshooting than can be
effectively handled through email. In order to save you time and potential
frustration, please contact our Support Team by phone. This will allow our live
support technicians to diagnose your issue further. We are available, toll-free,
at: 1-866-919-SONY (7669) from 10AM to 7PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday,
and from 11AM to 3PM Eastern Time Saturday and Sunday. Please have your
incident number available to expedite your service. We look forward to hearing from
If the information I have provided does not completely answer your question,
please update this incident so I may be of further assistance to you.

Customer - 08/13/2007 07:42 PM
Issue not resolved. Request human intervention.

Unfortunately Stupid is allergic to black holes. He or she doesn't wish to spend an afternoon on hold, even on a rainy day. Stupid is starting to think of Sony as a husband. What to do?

Thinking that Jane might like to have a new friend in China, Stupid replied: "Hi Jane. I would be happy to talk to a live person. Please call +86 158 xxxx xxxx. Thank you."

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