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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
It's illegal. Full stop. I am guessing that Israel is a signatory of the 1990 International Berne Copyright Convention. That convention gives all authors the same legal protection for their works in Israel that they enjoy in their own country.

You are correct - downloading movies is equally illegal.

MobileRead is a strictly "legit" site. We do not condone or encourage illegal activities here. If you want eBooks to be a success, we encourage you to buy them to send a message to the authors and publishers that this is a good way to publish.
You are absolutely right and I agree with you.
We , in Israel (as in the rest of the world) fight in favor of artists who get payed less this days because pirates songs on the web.

Authors are also a kind of artist.

If I gave an impression of someone who in favor of pirate books and etc , this is not the case

I'm a book worm , I used to have lots of books when I was younger (which I donated them to a local library) and lately I had an urge to start reading again.

After purchasing 3 books of Robin Hobb (in Hebrew) , which cost 50$ total , I came to conclusion that its better to buy an eBook reader and purchase the books online at a cost of around 6$ a book.
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