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Originally Posted by gingerbeardman View Post
IHowever, syncing certain collections of photos - what's wrong with that? It's what i do on my Mac using the iTunes/iPhoto combo.

So, maybe try resisting a little less and see if you can change your workflow so that things work for you?
Because IMHO the "sync" idea doesn't make as much sense for photos as it does for stuff like music. And it may add an additional step forcing you to create additional folders on your PC, which will duplicate files taking up more disk space. I generally store my photos in folders arranged by month. So if I want photos from multiple months I have to copy them to my "iPad Sync" folder on a one-by-one basis. It is not the end of the world but it does take a bit more work than just dragging them from Picassa (which I use for organizing photos) to iTunes.

And I don't understand why you can't sync photos from your iPod/iPad to a different computer. I can understand why you don't allow this with music since the files are generally coyrighted, but this is not the case with photos. How many photos on the typical person's iDevice are copyrighted? Probably zero. So why I can't I transfer the photos from my iDevice to my mother's computer when I am at her house? Why does Steve Jobs have an issue with me doing this? Is it because he is forcing photos into a music paradigm?

But it looks like the workflow that works best is to drop Windows and Linux and buy a Mac!
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