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TOC Creation - simplifying suggestion

Hi there
I'm a newbie to everything - time of wonder!
I want to create a Table of Contents for an EPUB from Nisus Writer Pro (on an iMac 27" running Snow Leopard) using Calibre.
Nisus writer Pro generates an Excellent Table of Contents for long documents - My book is 522 A5 pages with 176 chapters in one long rtf file than can be exported as an html file.
In the Table of Contents section of Calibre's Online User Manual, 4th para, I note, and have had it work, that Calibre adds any hyperlinks it finds in the input document to the table of contents. This creates a vertical list of 176 page numbers in the EPUB TOC which readily go to the correct position in the EPUB book. In the Book the text of every chapter heading is the text on the line immediately following every Page Break. Yet I can't get it carried over into the EPUB TOC with the page number hyperlinks.

Can Calibre please be modified to offer, via the NUMBER OF LINKS option, to also carry over the appropriate chapter title texts related to each hyperlink and that immediately follow each Page Break?

Is this the answer in CSS? If so, it must be possible to add it into Calibre code with a tick box for activation placed near the NUMBER OF LINKS option.
.chaptertitle { page-break-before: always }

That would solve a difficulty I have not yet solved after many many hopeful attempts and thereby save hours of work.
Kind regards to all and best wishes on a product on its way to market dominance.

Hamilton, NZ

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