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Device: sony reade/Iliad
Reader/ Iliad , i bought them both

for var. reasons I bought them both.

the Iliad lets me buy and read books from var webstores in var languages and I liked the look and feel of the Reader. Its just more compact and in my opinion looks better.

My main problem with the Reader is that it only lasted for 4 weeks, then the screen died. Thats when you realize what it means to buy a Sony..

The Sony stylestore staff pointed out that my Reader not working was very sad but not their problem as I didnt bring it back withing 30 days after purchase but after 36 and therefore they couldn't help me.
I guess thats why it is called style store, the staff looked as good as my reader in their black suits and they were about as useful as it is right now..
It was interesting though that I wasn't the only person in the shop with defect Readers , the lady next to me tried to return hers as it died after two weeks.

Ill keep everybody posted on how easy / difficult a replacement will be but my first experiences made me glad I also bought an Iliad

The iliad is still doing fine, the battery life is much shorter then the Sony's but I knew that before, its much bigger and bulkier but maybe that helps keeping it alive.

Whilst the Iliad cradle thing is total nonsense and the most unpractical thing ever , the Iliad itself is totally easy to use and it is no problem whatsoever to transfer files and books.

So my fazit so far is that if you want some cool looking gadget that might or might not work and some horrible service experience then go for the Reader.

If you just want to have a pleasurable e book experience then go for the Iliad.

it might be more expensive and not as sexy but it works . .
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