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Selecting a reader

Hello all,

I'm trying to select my first reader and I'm very happy to have found this forum. I will be reading almost exclusively novels without pictures. I have a lot of ebooks on a variety of formats (pdf, txt, lit, html, palm). I'm trying to decide on a reader and price is a concern for me. I think that it has come down to either the Sony Reader or waiting for the new Bookeen Cybook to come out.

My main concern is that I will buy a reader and then be totally frustrated by the formatting issues. I can probably rope my significant other into doing some of the formatting for me (he's very computer savvy) but I don't want to make him my formatting slave.

So...two quick questions. If I got the Reader, how much of a hassle is it going to be for me to convert my existing files considering that I'd love it to be fast and dirty (they don't need to be pretty, just legible) and preferably easy enough for my less computer savvy self to do myself. Any input about the Reader v. Cybook, especially in regards to formatting? Thanks for any help.
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