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OK. Just got my iPad today.
First, iTunes 8 won't recognize it. So I downloaded iTunes 9.1, and I'm in business.
First to install is Kindle app for iPad. NICE!
Then iBooks, then Marvel.
For Marvel, I want to see if I can put other comics in .pdf or rar-ed jpgs there.
For iBooks, I have been buying and downloading ePub from Sony, Kobo (shortcovers), Stanza library (the Randomhouse freebies) and the library.

the Randomhouse free-library epub from Stanza is drm-free (as stanza doesn't support ADE). So these ePubs don't need to be relieved from their DRM-burden. After "copying" them from my iPhone to my HD, I can just drag and drop them into iTunes.

the ePub from Sony and Kobo (some are also Randomhouse freebies), have DRM. So, inept-ing them will relieve the DRM burden. From there, another easy drag and drop to iTunes. As is the case with ePub from the libraries.

Problem for me now (as I wrote this post), is the iBooks app still haven't shown itself on my iPad screen, while its setting is avaliable under "SETTINGS"
Maybe because I still have pending downloads directly from App store to my iPad.

I'll update this posting as soon as I have iBooks app properly installed on my iPad, but the idea is to try to open various ePub from as many commercial sources as possible (all HAS to be relieved from their DRM, if any). Maybe I can find out which ePub created properly (i.e. letter sizing, proper cover, proper TOC).

Lastly, when iBooks app is installed, I'll try buy some books from the iTunes iBooks store.

the iBooks is.. quite awesome. While it has limited fonts choice (someone would scream 'EMBEDDED FONT PUHLEEZ"), the Baskerville option is quite nice on the eye.

and Marvel comics (reader) is also nice. With iPad form factor, reading 'enhanced' comics is nice. But I dunno if i can put other comics there, yet, at least not until the jailbreaking peeps can address it


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