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Output.txt shows the following. It looks as if the connection to is blocked or so?

(W)eripc.c:37,erIpcInitServer() Version: 256

(W)eripc.c:76,erIpcInitServer() Bound successfully to
(CN_W)connectScreen.c:201,connect_screen_create() no PC profile in registry: force connect to iDS
(CN_W)connectScreen.c:762,connect_screen_ping_star t() profile [IX67] pcshare [] []
(CN_W)connectionMgr.c:379,connect_enable_network() No proxy needs to be specified
ioctl[SIOCSIWPMKSA]: Invalid argument
(CN_W)main.c:409,on_sigchld() -- entry connectionMgr
(CN_W)main.c:423,on_sigchld() -- leave connectionMgr
(CN_W)connectScreen.c:829,connect_screen_ping_done () stop GTK main
(CN_W)main.c:261,main() exitValue after gtk_main [0]
(CN_E)pingThread.c:196,pingThread_stop() ping thread not running
(CN_E)pingThread.c:219,pingThread_wait() ping thread not running
(CN_E)scanThread.c:251,scanThread_stop() scan thread not running
(CN_E)scanThread.c:273,scanThread_wait() scan thread not running
(CN_W)main.c:309,main() execute command [../wget]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[0] = [../wget]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[1] = [--load-cookies=../cookies.txt]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[2] = [-nd]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[3] = [-k]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[4] = [-p]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[5] = [-np]
(CN_W)main.c:312,main() argv[6] = []
=> `index.html'
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: unspecified [text/html]

0K .... 10.38 B/s

15:25:09 (10.38 B/s) - Read error at byte 4151 (Connection reset by peer).Retrying.

(try: 2) => `index.html'
Connecting to||:80... failed: Network is unreachable.
Resolving failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.

FINISHED --15:25:09--
Downloaded: 0 bytes in 0 files
Converting index.html... 1-32
Converted 1 files in 0.120 seconds.
(CN_W)main.c:409,on_sigchld() -- entry connectionMgr
(CN_W)main.c:423,on_sigchld() -- leave connectionMgr
(CN_W)system.c:54,fork_exec() WIFEXITED [1]
(CN_W)system.c:57,fork_exec() WEXITSTATUS [0]
(CN_W)main.c:336,main() exit connectionMgr [0]
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