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PocketBook FAQs:

1.Which E-Books formats are supported by PocketBooks?
PDF, RTF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, HTML, DJVU, CHM, PRC, EPUB with or without DRM, DOC, TCR.

2.Which music formats are supported by PocketBooks 301 and 302?
MP3 format

3.How many books can I store in my PocketBook?
You can use either internal memory or SD card to store your e-books

The internal fixed memory is 512 Mb, it can store about 2000 standard books.

You can expand your storage capacity with SD-memory cards, up to 32 Gb (it’s about 150.000 standard E-books).

4.Can I read my PocketBook in the dark?

PocketBook is similar to the regular paper book, so the answer would be – no, you can’t read Pocket book in the dark; its display is not backlit. Just like a plain paper, PocketBook’s E InkŪ display uses ambient light to enlighten the reading surface. On the other hand, you can read your PocketBook in full sunlight which is not the case for standard LCD displays.

5.Can I read PocketBook for a long time?

Yes. Just like plain paper, you can read your PocketBook from nearly any angle, it doesn't flicker or glare. It’s E-InkŪ display has a paper-like high contrast and resolution, so you can read it in a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. There’s no eyestrain and it definitely gives you the experience of reading from plain paper.

6.Can visually challenged readers use PocketBook?
Yes. The font size can be increased any time, so visually challenged readers can comfortably read PocketBooks.

7.How to install a new font on PocketBook?
After your PocketBook 301 is connected to your computer via the USB-cable, copy any TrueType font to the ‘system/font’ folder of PocketBooks' internal memory.

8.Can I istall additional software on my PocketBook?
It is possible to install some Pocketbook applications, which can be found at

9.What happens when the batteries are completely discharged?
Data on your PocketBook is kept in internal memory or SD card, so nothing happens with it.

10.Is there a touchscreen or do I need a stylus for PocketBook 301/360?
No. There is no touchscreen on these models of PocketBook and no stylus is needed. You can control it with only one button (though there is not only one button there). But the BP302/602 as well as 603 have it - Touchscreen and stylus

11.Can I plug my PocketBook to other devices with USB-connection (keyboard, camera, mouse...)?
All Pocketbooks can be connected to a computer (PC or Mac)
But only PB302 allows to plug a flash memory stick. Pocketbook is working on connecting other devices like Keyboards, Cameras, Cardreaders, etc.

12.How much does PocketBook 301 weigh?
PocketBook 301 weighs 6.13 ounces (174 grams)
A standard paperback book weighs about 11 ounces (300 grams)

13.Can I listen to music or audio books with my PocketBook 301?
Yes. PocketBook 301 has an MP3 player (see "Which music formats are supported by PocketBook 301?"). You can even listen to your favorite music as you read an eBook.

14.Can I browse the Internet with my PocketBook?
PB 302/602 allow you to use WiFi or Bluetooth for internet conection. You can dowlnload books from Pocketbook does not attach its devices to any of the e-book stores and we are planing to integrate many other stores into the device in nearest future. Aproximately in June 2010 Pocketbook users will be able to use a fully functioning webkit browser to surf in the internet. (PB302 has now a Test internet browser)

15.Can I read books in other languages (Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, …)?
Yes. For books in Chinese or other languages with extended character-set, you will need to install your own font on PocketBook to decode them (doesn’t realate to PDF files). Please check "How to install a new font on PocketBook?".

16.How can I connect my PocketBook with my computer?
All you need is to plug your PocketBook to your computer (PC or Mac) with the USB-cable. PocketBook can be seen as an external hard drive(s) (two drives, in case you have a SD-memory card in it). Now you can drag-and-drop your books and music to your PocketBook.

17.Can I read several books at the same time?
Yes. You can read several books in different formats at the same time, switching from one to another. (Isn't it WOW?)

18.What types of memory cards can be used with my PocketBook?
PocketBook 301 has a SD (Secure Digital) card slot that uses Standard SD memory cards. Pocketbooks 360/302/602/603 have micro SD/micro SD HC Card slots

19.How can I charge my PocketBook?
PocketBooks have Lithium Polymer batteries. You can change the battery as needed. Only the batteries sold by PocketBook are accepted for PocketBook readers
The battery is usually charged by connecting your PocketBook to your computer via USB connector. Also you can recharge your battery directly with the USB charger.

20.What is the dpi resolution of PocketBook’s display?
The E-InkŪ display has a 166 dpi resolution. The Pocketbook 360 has even 200dpi (dots per inch). For comparison, the resolution of a LCD screen of a standard computer is in the range between 70 to 100 dpi.

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