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Originally Posted by Robertb View Post
Dear Sandeepp:

I work for Astak and I may be a bit biased. Yes, we DO support 20 formats!!

However, the Pocket PRO and EZ Reader BOTH work well on PDF. You have to remember that a PDF is really a photograph. Yes, Adobe Digital Editions does "reflow" and that helps... but some magazines in PDF will not be great.
Our eBook Store sells titles in both PDF and EPUB when available. Most here much prefer EPUB to PDF. BUT, I went and asked our eBook Intern as she downloads (free) about ten books a weekto read. She downlaods some in EPUB and some in PDF. She says she has had zero problem reading in PDF when from our eBook Store.

The key thing, Sandeepp, is that it is NOT Astak that determines how well a PDF reads. It is Adobe Digital Editions. IF a PDF has any problem on an Astak device; it should have the same problem on all Adobe Digital Edition devices. I think you will find the Astak device does extremely well with PDF as the screen is Grade "A" and it has 8 level gray scale, and with the Epson Controller and 400MHz processor... it is very FAST!

Our eBook Store will soon support wireless and iPads and even cell phones. Astak will have wireless devices soon enough; but MOST on here are not huge fans of wireless. One other thing to consider is that the Pocket PRO 5 inch is only 5.8 ounces and comes in six colors. PLUS... the battery is User-Replaceable rechargeable. AND... the SD card slot goes to 16GB... enough for 8,000 novels and your MP3 music!!

You would love the Astak. Go to: and look for the FAQ sheet under "support". That will show you just how nice the Pocket PRO really is.

Thank you for posting!!
Thanks for the quick reply Rob. I am pretty close to getting an Astak, but I think I will camp for you guys to release the 16 grey levels reader [EZ Reader Plus?]. I hope they will be available in more than one form factor [5inch,7inch].
Hopefully, most book companies should revert to epub in the future, PDF is really showing it's age here, at least when it comes to books in the electronic format.

Also, on, an introduction section for newbies to the ebooks formats would be really helpful. Google books integration there is awesome!

Now only if EZReader Plus goes on sale...
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