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Odd behaviour of Calibre in Windows 7

Yesterday (April 11/2010) I was using Calibre 0.6.47 on my Windows 7 computer. Calibre was in windowed mode when the window suddenly widened in the left to right direction. Effectively the width of the window was now about three screen widths wide. Screen resolution was 1280 x 960 but changing this to 1856 x1392, then 1024 x 768 and finally back to 1280 x 960 did not alter the huge window width. I could move the window around the screen, I could resize the window in either vertical direction, but I was unable to pull in either the left or right sides with the mouse. Using the resize arrows at the four corners only changed the vertical dimensions, not the horizontal. Tried a couple of other programs, e.g WORD but those all behaved normally in windowed mode.

Finally uninstalled Calibre and re-installed. Initially the window was of normal size. But as I continued to work with Calibre the window size gradually widened, left to right until it was more than one screen width wide. I was not particularly paying attention but I now think the window may have been widening every time the GUI changed sizes. I was going through a library of about 800 books altering, removing and adding tags on a per-book basis.

Again, I finally uninstalled and re-installed Calibre. Window size is now back to normal and has remained so.....but I haven't been changing tags today.

Has anyone got any ideas about what may have caused this ?
Any suggestions that it may be related to user incompetence or excessive age would be acceptable although the latter is not alterable.

All suggestions welcome.

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