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Reader to replace my trusty Palm T5?

I am currently reading book with Palm T5. It is nearing end of it's life so I am thinking of getting real ebook reader. Here is some ideas I have of what kind of decive I need.

1. Most important thing would be that reading novel with device is fun and easy. This is by far most important requirement.

2. I do just fine with my current 4 inch screen so screen size isn't issue. I actually like 4 inch since it is easy to carry in pocket so probably smaller is better for me.

3. Palm of course uses backlight. I would rather not have that. I hate low battery life and since I stare computer screen so much it would be better if I read on e-ink.

4. Planned used is plain text. So far .html and .txt has been enough for me. Of course more would make life easier and I would like to have some readiness for buying novels in future. PDF support would be nice too.

5. I have no need of wifi, web browsing etc. Just simple cable that allows me to move files/books in is enough.

Which readers would you recommend?
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