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Hi, I've been following this forum for a few weeks now. I've been thinking of getting a Reader since I got to use the Sony at Best Buy. However, I have Macs at home and would like to be able to view any purchased (DRM'd) e-books on my Mac as well as my reader. Sony's Connect isn't Mac compatible, and neither is Mobipocket for Bookeen's CyBook. However I hear Sony will be supporting Adobe Digital Editions- which runs fine on my Mac.
Any idea if this Adobe support will be added to existing Sony readers or only to some future reader? Will Bookeen also be adding support for Adobe DE or any other format that is Mac compatible? I'm trying to decide whether to wait for Cybook (at least I can purchase Mobipocket books on the Mac- even if I cant read them) or buy a Sony now and hope it may become compatible soon.
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