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Originally Posted by FlorenceArt View Post
I agree with EowynCarter. I had a chance to try the Pocketbook 360 and I ended up abandoning it to go back to my moribund Cybook, and then buying an Opus. The Pocketbook has lots of nice-to-have features and useless (to me, obviously, not to everyone) gadgets, but the reading experience itself felt clunky after the simplicity of the Cybook. The last straw was when I started reading a book with a lot of footnotes, and was unable to find a way to go back to the original page after reading the footnote.

I agree with Harry about the absence of bookmarks, but it's only slightly annoying to me.

Also, I agree with surrealmind: it's impossible to know in advance how you will really use your e-reader. In my case, I found I use it pretty much as I would a paper book, except that I can now carry many different books with me, which has lead to my reading many books at the same time. But that's the only change in my behavior, I think. Even the dictionary function, which I had to abandon when I switched to the ePub format, I don't miss all that much.

Sorry Xtt: the absolute best reader doesn't exist, or rather, it is different for everybody
Not to discount your tech skills but is that honestly difficult to navigate using the Pocketbook 360? The previous posters seemed quite fond of it but I see the Opus was mentioned twice as well.

It's fine that there's no absolute best but what do you guys think the best starting one would be then?
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