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PDF Conversion For Use With Kindle 2

I know that there are myriad threads regarding PDF conversion and the frustrations involved in the process so I hope you'll bear with me.

For a typical Kindle 2 owner without much technical knowledge, can you advise the following:

Which process seems to give the best results?
Since Kindle 2 can read text as well as mobi, is one conversion preferable to the other and does Calibre consistently do a better job with one format than another?

Is a multi-step process better? (Such as pdf to rtf to txt; or pdf to rtf to mobi or some other multi-step process.)

(I wouldn't ordinarily mind just loading the pdf file directly into Kindle but since you can't change the font or otherwise enlarge the display it's sometimes just too small to read comfortably.)

What settings should be modified from the default (if any) within Calibre for pdf conversions? (Any steps will be greatly appreciated.)

Currently I either use Calibre or the mobipocket reader to make conversions from pdf but thus far the results are all over the place. Some have converted well, others have a variety of issues (such as the page number and author name/title at the end of sentences or paragraphs).

I truly appreciate your patience and any assistance you can provide.
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