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Sony Library Sync/Calibre/Tags?

Sorry for the weird title...I have no idea how to title this issue I'm having.

I downloaded a DRMed book from my library. I uploaded it to Calibre, then to my Sony PRS 600. I couldn't read it on the reader. So I uploaded it from my Sony Library to the reader - it's working fine now.

The problem is that when I plugged in the reader with the Sony Library software, it automatically synced, and I lost a bunch of my customized tags and book covers.

My questions -
1. Did I do something wrong with the DRMed book and Calibre? Is there any way to avoid Sony Library altogether when it comes to DRMs?

2. Can I add the metadata and covers to the books already on the reader, or do I have to do that through the library, delete all the books from the reader, then re-upload?

3. Although this one isn't about Calibre, maybe someone here can answer anyway - is there a way to not automatically sync when I use the reader with the Sony Library?

4. One more question about Calibre, although not related to this specific question - is there a way to search for books in my library but not yet on the reader?

Grrr...the more I use the Sony software, the more I hate it.
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