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Reader frozen / dead / not functioning AGAIN

It's unbelievable!

Now it's the 3rd time my reader ist either frozen, dead or not functioning.

I startet the Connect software on my pc running winXP (no virtual machine).
Connected the Reader via USB.
Reader did nothing. No "usb connected" screen; nothing (but the blue light came when I pressed the mark-button)

I closed connect - restartet it.
I deactivated the Reader drivers in Windows.
I waited
Then I used the "reset"-button on the back of the Reader and rebooted thar damn thing.
Now I'm hanging in "Starting up..." once again and nothing happens

Battery was only down to 3 (of 4) bars and in addition to that I now connected the charger.
The yellow led keeps flashing (which means that the Reader is booting).

Any idea what to do? Just try the "usual" unbricking "tricks" from the wiki?

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