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Originally Posted by grooks View Post
1. What size screen would you like, 5", 6", 7" or 8" or 9.7"? I will only use this as an example but if you live in an area that sells Sony Readers check out the size differences between the Pocket (5" screen), the Touch (6" screen) and the Daily (7" screen).

2. What kind of options would you like to have. Some of the options are touch screens, built-in dictionaries, note taking, collection/folder support, 3g/wifi book downloading, E-Ink vs backlit LCD.

3. What types of books will you be reading most. If you read a lot of technical books with pictures/tables/graphs then you may want to limit yourself to the 7", 8" and 9.7" screens. If you read mostly fiction/non-fiction then a 5", 6" or 7" screen may be more suitable as they are smaller, lighter and easier to carry around when travelling.

4. If you read fiction/non-fiction then take a look at the various ebooks stores and compare prices of the last 10 books you read/purchased. For some ebooks the prices will vary by store and could be a deciding factor for some. Using sites like Inkmesh and Addall will provide prices amongst the various ebook retailers. Also look into whether your public library offers ebook borrowing as this may help eliminate the a few ebook readers that do not support library books.

Once you have specific criteria in hand we will help narrow down the choices for you. Hopefully you can find the ebook reader that fits your needs.
1. Er, I'd like one that's around the same size as a normal book (hard cover so around 70% the size of a sheet of paper?) if that wouldn't make it too bulky to carry around comfortably. I'd also be ok with a smaller one for the sake of portability.

2. I'd like an e-ink on as it'd help save my eyes and a touchscreen would be a bonus but not necessary. I'm not sure what use a built in dictionary would have for me so I don't think that's necessary, I'd like folder support since I would like to organize my books myself.

3. From what you've said, a small one would be better for me as I'd most likely be reading fiction.

4. I'm pretty new to the whole eBook thing as most of my books have been physical hard copies so maybe I could ask what's the most widely used format? I did a search on AddALL for my author and it turned up Mobipocket, HTML, and PDF @_@

I took a look at the Pocketbook 360 and it seems quite nice aesthetically and since you guys are commending the software, it seems like a solid choice. The battery life doesn't seem to be listed on the site though (except for being 1000 mAh which I'm not quite sure what it means) so if it has a nice long battery life (not sure what's a good battery life either) I'd think I would buy it

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