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It is unusual the retailer store and the sales representative don't know each other

Originally Posted by Dulin's Books View Post
No, he has only communicated with me once via email after having already sent it off to be checked when he started having his issue. I said i would look into it for him. I haven't seen the device in person only in pictures. He has been dealing directly with PocketBook. But by the pictures i have seen it is clear that the display is indeed broken. From my experience it looks like it was broken from a twisting force. Others who have seen the pictures here on this forum have said as much as well.

I am not laying blame as to how or why the screen is broken only that it is. Whether its a defect or an accident will be difficult to decide and satisfy all parties. I am still talking with PocketBook about this.
I didn't realize that Dulin's Books ( has no control over their sales representative in the US. The website has no phone number for inquiry. I got the phone number from the package and made a call. The guy who took my call is a sales representative, I assume. So, he handles my case and doesn't need to feel accountable for It is so unusual.

I emailed to Mr. Dulin to complain, and forward to him all the emails between me and the sales representative and have never received his response since then.

I don't know who should I talk to, somebody suggest that I talk to manufacturer - pocketbook reader, some suggest that I talk to those from which I ordered the device.

The retailer website specifies that the package should not include charger and SD card, but the manufacturer's package specifies it should include charger and SD. That's why I have run into argument with the sales representative the first week I received the order. I believe I was deemed as a trouble-maker since then.

My suggestions:

(1) streamline the package information so buyer not get confused.
(2) supply the return policy as earlier as possible so buyer can make a sound decision. In my case. I got the return policy two weeks after I have had the product in my hand. It is a good product, I can't believe it is so fragile and short-lived.


I will not visit this post again. I will accept my bad luck. Hope my post can remind you to be more careful and gentle with your e-reader. I will wait for several months to find a really dependable E-Reader.
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