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I live in Asia. I thought the Ipad would be available here by April end but
it appears to be June or so.. When I tried to order it online a few hours back.
I found out the ipad case is not available at apple online but end of april
(maybe the ipad case are hoarded by people who sell it at high price at ebay).
Now I don't want to receive the ipad without any case as I think it's
quite fragile without having to use any case as I'll use it in lounge after
workout in gym and it has to be have some of cover.

In case I can't get any cover. Anyone has suggestions of how to wrap it
using any clothing so the edge would at least be protected? Also I think
the ipad in the original apple ipad case can survive fall to the ground
because the edge are protected.. right folks?

Anyone have any idea when will the ipad be available in asia really?
Also I found out if I ship it to a friend in New Jersey, there is taxes
at apple online. How about if it is bought right at any apple retail
store... are you also charged with taxes, or not?

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