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Originally Posted by Zorz View Post
My eyes since I switched from CRT two LCD have continued to get worse and worse. A year after moving to LCD I needed glasses for the first time and every time they get worse and worse.
The reason is that you are getting older. It's normal and has nothing to do with screens you use or not use. Read this:
And if you are younger that let's say 25 and it's myopia - then the reason for it is genetic or past trauma. Screens cannot change the shape of the eyeballs. I have myopia in one eye only - maybe I was reading and using CRT with only one eye open. /s

For me LCD is not good for reading. It's not even close to being good. I have good light in my workplace and at home (behind me), I set the brightness to optimal one and it's still causing eye strain.
On e-paper - even when I read books for like 16 hours a day, for several days - i have no eye strain whatsoever.

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