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Transfering ePub to iBooks on the iPad is easy but the iPad it won't open ePubs books bought from the Sony store. It doesn't recognize the format.

Does anyone know how to differentiate from DRMed Sony store books to Non-DRMed Sony books? From what I read the DRM issue is due to the publisher's choice not Sony. Or all Sony store books DRMed? Maybe I can at least find a few non-DRMed books in my library???

So we did manage to convert a few books from ePub to PDF back to ePub and imported them into the iPad but now the text is soooo small it's not possible to read the books without straining the eyes and it is not possible to change the text size on the iPad- the function is now locked out. Any suggestions on how to get a larger font size (without holding a magnifying glass up to the text)?

Step2: I tried importing the PDF books directly into Goodreader and this works fine except that all the text margins run right up to the side and top and bottom of the iPad which makes it (again) difficult to read. Any suggestions???

Seems my large library is doomed since I refuse to buy a new Sony reader. The new Sonys just don't come close to the 505, the Sony ebookstore is the worst. To top it off their tech support has never been of any help for any issue regarding the eBookstore or the reader itself - but they are extremly friendly and nice.
This is very frustrating as I got rid of all my "real" books and replaced them with eBooks and know I can't read them anymore.

My rant for the day: What the publishers and eBook stores are doing is plain crazy. How about if people bought a Sony movie on DVD but could only play it on a Sony player????? It's the same principle and it's INSANE!!!!!!!!!!
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