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Originally Posted by DaK2 View Post
Hi Everyone

I'm new to posting but I've been following mobileread for some time and appreciate all the advice and news posted here.

My first eReader was the Sony 505 and I loved it. But it's been a hassle lately due to the Sony reader store & it's software. Everything was fine until they changed to ePub and my reader is no longer syncing with the store it just locks up. Since the reader was getting old and banged up I changed to the Kindle2 a while back due to the easy use of the Amazon store and also due to the cheaper book prices.

Since the new Sony readers don't impress me I decided to get the ipad and combine all of my books on it. Of course the Kindle books are no issue due to the app .
My issue is Sony again. I downloaded all of my Sony books as epubs onto my PC and transferred them to iTunes and then onto the iPad. They show up on the iBook shelve but they will not open. I keep getting a "format not recognized" error. Is anyone else having this problem?

I thought that my Sony ePub books are drm free and could be easily transferred.

What I did was copy the books to a USB memory stick at my PC, used the memory stick to upload the books into iTunes on the Mac. Uploaded to iTunes Books and transferred to iBooks. All looks fine until I try to open a book.

Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to have to re-buy the 150 books I purchased from Sony.
I just got an iPad and have no idea what to do with it as using it as a reader, you have to fight it. However, I was interested when you said you transferred your Sony epub files to your iTunes!! I have been going crazy with iTunes and can't put any book on it. I used caliber to convert a few pdf books but coz I can't put it on the iTunes( consequently ipad), I can't tell if the caliber actually works. Can you tell me what you did so we may together find a work around for this mess? I see you put the files on Mac, can one do the same on the iTunes on PC?

thank you
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