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The Steven Erikson Malazan books - at least the first 2 epubs in the series from Waterstones - have a common issue. Whenever you get a block of italicised text the first word appears to be missed off so you get this...

a bridge of stone, lit by ruby flames. A Bridgeburner.

Ganoes Paran looked back down at the burning quarter, pleased with himself. Even a boy, Commander, can make a point.

This doesn't make the book unreadable - just annoying as it occurs multiple times in every chapter and you're never quite sure where the emphasis should be after awhile as it doesnt occur 100% of the time - probably around 70%
I really do love the books, just a shame about the formatting. I havent bought the books from any other site or in any other format so cant comment if this has been fixed in any of the versions currently available.
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