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If money is no object, you may wish to buy more than one ebook reader. The one thing you can't really predict is how an ebook reader will change your actual reading habits, no matter how much you just want to emulate the paper-book experience. I have the cheapy, backlit eBookwise 1150, and dinosaur though it is, I've never read so late into the night before, it's great (and doesn't bother my wife like a reading lamp always would before). So, you may consider getting an e-ink device and a backlit device; make full use of the financial wiggle-room you seem to have. I'll have to let others comment on their fancy (and non-backlit) e-ink machines, but perhaps you could let folks know whether you are interested at all in note-taking and/or PDF capabilities.

(N.B.--Just so you know, I would not class my EB 1150 in a "best ebook reader" category for several reasons, although I would rank it highly in a "value" category if you are able to learn a fair amount about the ins-and-outs of ebook conversion. But I'm sure there are other, more sophisticated backlit options too.)
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