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Hi there,I'm new to this, but thought this might be the appropriate thread.
I'm really dismayed at the quality of ePub books on the Internet Archive. Before I got my Sony PRS-600, I would download pdf versions from that source - large but just fine as far as accuracy is concerned.
Since I have started e-reading in earnest on a mobile reader I have been downloading the ePub versions.
Here is an example of the Flaubert "Bouvard and Pecuchet" by Google:-

(Quote) They looked at their tongues lo
" Don't be aftatd. It is 1 " n
" What is jour band doii^ there ? " [9
"No, mr little angel. Don't be afraid" .... 27
Pcucbet tns sunding on one of the chairs, with a rope
in bla band 34
Imagine that this armchair is tlie sun 41
^cbv Google
^cbv Google
S there were thirty-three de^ees of heat . the Boulevard BourdoD was absolutely lA () r deserted (end quote.)

Now what's the point of recording that for all time!

Secondly - different subject - Google is missing the point of a downloadable pdf version of a classic book if the search function inside the pdf no longer works offline ... ugh!

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