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Hi, Sorry for late reply. I posted this message in the early moring (1:00 a.m.?) Now I have time to answer details.
It is pocketbook 301 plus. I have done a lot of comparison before I placed the order. If not for this bad customer service, I should say pocketbook is really a nice product with very competitive feature/price ratio.

I received the order in late January. At the beginning, I love it very much. It start (or reboot) fast, the electronic ink display is crystal clear. you can re-orientate your PDF file on the screen to have a nice display with extra margine being cut off.

I took this ebook reader meticulously careful. I usually put it on the study table. Sometime I bring it to my office, put it in my backpack which is shock-resistant. I have attached the pocketbook to the black leather(?) jacket. I have never placed heavy stuff onto it. never have it fall down to floor.

But ten days ago, it suddenly was down. The screen glass is in perfect condition. But I cannot see any legible font on the screen except some stripes of gray color. lt is like your TV set suddenly lose signal and you can only see the stripes of color or snow dots.

When your TV can not show picture, You don't rush into the judgment that this TV has been physically damaged, right? You alter the antenna to receive the signal. I think what is wrong with my pocketbook reader is some internal program goes wrong and the manufacuture need to help me revamp the internal program.

I believe the physical condition of the pocketbook is perfect. The sales representative and their customer service insisted that there is crack on the screen and it has been mechanically altered by someone. They make their judgment based on the low-resolution picture. I see the device and see no cracks on the screen. Also I have never treated this device clumsily and heave-handedly. How could a e-reader cracked when you only push the button?

I believe my eyes, and don't trust their judgment based on picture of the blurred screen. So I mailed the device to the customer service, hoping them to see by their eyes and change their judgment, and, thus, honor their one-year warrantee.

Per my request, they sent this device to the third party repair man. I have no way to check the credential of the third party repair man. they forwarded me the email from the third party repair man, saying the device is physically damaged with crack on the screen. So they asked me to pay hundred bucks to repair it.

I would not pay and asked them to return it to me. I want to cut my lose earlier. Based on my conversation with the customer service, I don't believe they will look at the device and make a rational judgment. I want to meet them face to face to look at the device to see where is the crack. But I can not waste more dollars on this.

Let me be modest, I might have been wrong and the crack could be internal and cannot be detected by naked eyes. But I feel this device is so flimsy. You have a $275 device and you push button for two month, and suddenly it will not work any more. Is is reasonable?

I said the customer service is sleazy because of this fact: When I purchased this device, I cannot find any information about return policy from their website. I find they have not included the wall charger and SD card in the package. But on the box, it has been specified the package should include those things. Okay, I called the sales representative and he promised me to have those things send to me quickly. Ten days past, I have not received the charger and the SD card. I called them and asked why, the guy sternly denied my request and said he has never promised to send the charger and the card to me. I felt that I have duped by the sales person. But I will put it behind, it is not big deal to have the wall charger and the SD card. the sales person has made a mistake to check the package including charger and card. Okay. I will not be bothered by that, I really enjoyed the product in the first month. It is a solid product if not for the short life. the customer service could be superb if they have been straightforward and honored their words. Now the return policy is available on their website. it says you can not get full refund if you have past the fifteenth day since the delivery. I believed the sales person have made the false promise to have me keep the flimsy product for 15 days so I can not return it for full refund. I really admire their shrewdness.

I will be very glad to answer any further inquiry.

Hey, don't think it is an April Fool's day joke, I lost 275 bucks and it is no fun.
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