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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
There are lots of differences between the RSS feed and the EPUB that Calibre creates from that RSS feed. In many cases, I prefer the EPUB, so I can imagine why he might want that function. That's why I answered sort of obliquely - if you want an EPUB from an RSS feed - one that you can access from any WiFi hotspot around the world - the official way is to run Calibre on your desktop, set up the content server and get the EPUB that way. That's how I do it. If he just wants the RSS feed, he should get a feed reader that works on the Android.

I suppose we didn't really answer his question, and that answer is: No, there isn't any official way to run Calibre directly on the Android.
Do you own static ip address? i don't have a static ip address....

Calibre can also sent an e-mail for every generated epub; it is enough to schedule all every necessary epub conversion and to parameter an e-mail address where sent every epub generated.
but it isn't the best solution...
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